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  1. Intent: Exploring the Core of Being Human
  2. Leadership: The Care and Growth Model
  3. The Postulates of the Thematic
  4. Beyond Management

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Intent: Exploring the Core of Being Human

Intent: Exploring the Core of Being Human

INTENT is an exploration of what sits at the very core of being human, our intentions. It is a simple explanation in contemporary language and logic on how understanding the use of our intent can unlock the door to comprehending the vast spectrum of human experience.


Leadership: The Care and Growth Model

The key variable that accounts for the success of any Organisation is the degree to which it’s members commit to the objectives of the Organisation, pursue them because they want to rather than because they have to and are willing to commit discretionary effort toward their achievement. This book explores what sort of leadership creates these conditions, that not only focuses on personal excellence, but also on mobilising others.

The Postulates of the Thematic

‘The Postulates of the Thematic’ was originally written as the postscript to ‘Intent’. It is the essence of the book, distilled into sixty eight points or ‘postulates’. These postulates look at psychology, sociology, economics, the sociology of small groups, business science, social anthropology, and political science.

Beyond Management

Based on a decade’s research into the problem of employee discontent, this book makes a critical contribution to understanding the fundamental causes of conflict in the workplace.

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For All Intents and Purposes

The world in which we live has become very small. The inter-connectedness of all things has never been more apparent. With technology has come great change. Transparency has become the cultural norm, especially in the West with its popular engagement with the social network of the virtual world.

This is all merely the cultural expression of the exploration of what it is to be human. This is not a discovery, but a return. A return to the human being. The being who is naturally curious, who pushes the boundaries of modernity, but who also has ancient blood running through their veins. With this return have come many expressions and explorations of our deeply rooted sensibilities and creativity.

Intent Publishing endeavours to capture streams of our collective energy, both past and present, in order to produce books that not only have intrinsic value, but also share and transmit this in a beneficial and constructive manner. If we can publish books that enable people to enrich their lives in a simple, non-jargonized way, then we will have seen through a noble objective.

As much as there is discord on the Earth, there is also a global shift in people’s awareness and an unveiling of ignorance is happening at a grass roots level. This unveiling has a realistic sense of stability and longevity founded on mutual respect. The movement may seem small but we have conviction that it will grow. We would like to find those involved and print their words.

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