Etsko has conducted 2000+ keynotes and workshops to 200+ organisations in 26 countries on 5 continents over the past 26 years

All Etkso’s keynotes and workshops deal with the issue of excellence at every level, from that of personal excellence to that of organisational excellence. He has developed a set of universal themes that he applies at the level of the individual, the team and the organisation.

He believes that:

  1. It is possible to take a moribund business beset with industrial conflict and employee distrust and to turn it into a successful organisation that can count on the loyalty and commitment of its people.
  2. It is possible for people to rise above the alienation and victimhood that besets modern man to achieve authentic personal mastery.

His keynotes speak to these two issues through the themes of personal excellence, leadership excellence and team excellence.

Personal Excellence

People are significant on the basis of their contribution; the value that they add to others during their lifetime. They are significant for what they put in, not for what they get out. Being here to give or to serve is therefore the core criterion which accounts for excellence in any individual.

Leadership Excellence

Organisations succeed to the degree to which they solicit the intent of the average employee to make a contribution. This only happens when employees work for people who Care and Grow them.

Team Excellence

Teams succeed only when the members of the Team collectively give more than what they take out. That is, when they subordinate their own interests for the bigger interests of the team.

In addition, powerful teams have a clear purpose which unlocks or engages the will of the team members to give unconditionally. That purpose has to do with adding value to a customer. The team that does not give to or serve its clients will cease to exist.

Being here to give or serve is, therefore, the criterion which accounts for the excellence of any group or collective.

  • Content 98%%
  • Relevance 100%%
  • Inspirational 95%%
  • Humour 20%

What delegates say about Etsko's presentations

  • “Etsko kept me engaged throughout the session. He is an extremely good lecturer. Excellent style. Brilliant!”
  • “He is one of a kind. I was very impressed with the way he introduced the subject.”
  • “Loved this session. He sparked interest to learn more about this, so I can apply it both professionally and personally.”
  • “Wow! Very strong content, very enlightening.”
  • “Excellent. Strongly recommend that this topic is included in every leadership course at all levels.”
  • “Excellent! Do something with this guy!”
  • “Content matter was almost explosive in its perspectives and insight.”
  • “Best session of the week, easily.”
  • “One of the best sessions I’ve attended.”
  • “Best session so far – strong, compelling arrangement that laid down important challenges to us all.”
  • “Probably the highlight of the week. I was challenged in a way I hadn’t been in a long time.”
  • “Enjoyed every second of it. Engaged us all the time and made it Nedbank specific as well!”
  • “Powerful delivery of this concept. Really challenged one to think how we can do things differently.” “Brilliant mind!! Had me enthralled all day. Really had some thought-provoking issues.”
  • “Etsko is one of the best presenters I’ve met. His flow of his topic and ways of explaining it was brilliant.”
  • “Awesome, interesting and useful. Emotional topic leading to tons of introspection.”
  • “Brilliant. Captivated everyone’s attention 100%. It was life-changing.”

It is the human key to productivity improvement. It is inspirational and humbling.

—Duncan Blackburn, CEO, Dow Southern Africa

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