Etsko enables his clients to achieve excellence in 3 areas - personal excellence, leadership excellence and team excellence

Personal Excellence

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People are significant on the basis of their contribution; the value that they add to others during their lifetime. They are significant for what they put in, not for what they get out. Being here to give or to serve is therefore the core criterion which accounts for excellence in any individual.

  • 5-Day Personal Excellence Programme: This programme is for key individuals in client organisations whose personal excellence and growth is of paramount importance to the transformation of the business.
  • 4-Day Personal Excellence Programme: This programme is run over four months as either two 2 day programmes or as four one day workshops. It provides a framework for participants to explore and develop their intent.
  • Personal Mastery Programme: Is an abridged version of the four day Personal Excellence Programme. It consists of six modules of ± 2 hours duration. The modules can be run consecutively with no more than three modules being run on one day and no less than a single module being developed once a week.

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Leadership Excellence

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 1.20.00 AMOrganisations succeed to the degree to which they solicit the intent of the average employee to make a contribution. This only happens when employees work for people who Care and Grow them.

  • 1-Day Care and Growth Leadership Programme: A high level overview of the essence of the Care and Growth Model for the senior management of the enterprise.
  • 2-Day Care and Growth Leadership Programme: Provides those in leadership positions with an understanding of the Care and Growth framework and an opportunity to assess the degree to which they are currently aligned to the criteria.
  • Principles and practices – Care and Growth Leadership Programme: The first two days are the same as the Introductory Workshop. The second two days unpacks the Care and Growth criteria in more detail. It deals with what Care and Growth requires of leaders in terms of their day to day leadership practices.
  • 2-Day Leading To Change Workshop: The first half of this workshop deals with Personal Excellence (succeeding in life) and Change Excellence (succeeding in response to life’s changes). This is because it is clearly not possible to lead others, particularly in times of change, if one is not in the first instance in charge of one’s own life. In the second part of the workshop the focus shifts to excellence in the context of leading others at work, specifically in times of change.

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Team Excellence

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 1.20.22 AMTeams succeed only when the members of the Team collectively give more than what they take out. That is, when they subordinate their own interests for the bigger interests of the team.

In addition, powerful teams have a clear purpose which unlocks or engages the will of the team members to give unconditionally. That purpose has to do with adding value to a customer. The team that does not give to or serve its clients will cease to exist.

Being here to give or serve is, therefore, the criterion which accounts for the excellence of any group or collective.

  •  Grow To Care Workshop: The 1-day workshop is aimed at people who are specialists in an organisation or who do not have subordinates. It gives those in the frontline of a business the means to build relationships of trust with their colleagues, contribute to the success of the enterprise and transform their day to day work experience into an experience of personal transformation.
  • Mastery At Work Workshop: This 1-day workshop is for non-managerial staff and their immediate line managers. It clarifies what is required by both parties to deliver excellent individual and team performance. The programme realizes a commitment by those in the frontline to go the extra mile in pursuit of service excellence and, its corollary, the success of the enterprise.
  • Service Excellence Workshop: This 2-day workshop is aimed at enabling both individual and organisational contribution. It makes explicit how the core criterion of being here to give or to serve accounts for personal excellence, organisational excellence and business excellence.
  • People and Wealth Workshop: This workshop was designed in an illiterate environment. It enables employees to become mature contributors to the performance of their organisation through an understanding of the critical role they fulfil in the success of any enterprise. The programme can be presented over two days or as six two hourly modules.
  • Team Excellence Workshop: This workshop aims to enable client organisations to build contribution-focused, value adding teams.

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